Following a complex work of analysis of the racial/ethnic stereotypes and relevance to main fields of impact and discrimination done in each of the 11 countries involved in the project, the objective of the this phase of the BEAMS project is to raise awareness and activate direct involvement of different groups, with focus on youth, to interact and respect identities and diversities in the framework of EU fundamental rights.

Following a common methodology and endowed with a “start-up” campaign kit, partner organizations will meet during the first eight months of 2014, will conduct a series of educational and awareness raising creative workshops, with the participation of around 20-60 persons in each country, aiming at the creation of new  and less stereotypical cultural products.

At least 100 persons representing partners and stakeholders will meet in Prague to share progress of the experience of the workshops, during a  international workshop.

In order to make public the new non-stereotypical representation of minorities/migrant groups, each partner will organize local public events (debates, exhibits, festivals, etc) foreseeing the participation of some 1500 persons.

The experience and lessons learned in each country will be made public in the final report.


> See the section of each partner for education outputs

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