When it all began

BEAMS started in January 2013, after the project was approved late in 2012 by the Programme Fundamental Rights and Citizenship.

Partners met in Rome last February for the kick-off meeting, hosted by UNAR, the Italian National Anti Racial Discrimination Office, at the premises of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministries.

The kick-off meeting was the occasion to see old partners and meet new organizations, with whom the project was designed and whose aims were shared during the preparation phase.

The partnership discussed about and shared their vision of this EU-wide project, contributing with their expertise and approach to the concrete implementation of the foreseen activities.

The diversity of experiences and perspectives has given depth and has helped reach a common understanding of the core objectives to combat discrimination and racist behaviors by debunking common stereotypes contained in the most widespread expressions of popular culture and by creating a European awareness raising campaign for fundamental rights of all citizens. It has been a fruitful 2-day hard work that kick-started the activities and provided additional insights to the central theme of the project.

Downloadable materials (in PDF format):


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