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The GDI-MADRID is in charge of the design, development, planning, management, performance and evaluation of the Immigration policies that belong to the competences of the Community of Madrid, as the guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the CM establish.

Its main aim is to manage the development of plans, programmes and actions derived from the policies of the Government of the Community, as well as the social, economic, cultural, institutional and democratic development of the non-developed countries, the awareness and training for development and the cooperation in humanitarian actions.

All this has the final aim of achieving a better integration of the immigrants in the host communities, alone or with their families.

The GDI-MADRID is in charge of the calls for proposals for grants to non-profit organisations to develop programmes and projects in the field of immigration, as well as projects focused on the fight against racism and intolerance in the region.

For this purpose the GDI-MADRID allocated in 2013 an annual budget of € 10 689 214.

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