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  • “A belt of 1500 shanties surrounds of misery the Madrid region”
    This news appeared in the newspaper ABC in 1999 and highlights the unsanitary conditions in which Romanian gypsies live, with close-ups of rats around the shacks and barefoot children.
  • “We are not lazy”
    News appeared in the newspaper El Pais in 2000. Romanian gypsies settled in the camp of Fuencarral defend a statement from the mayor of Madrid that claimed the Romanian Gypsies don’t come to Madrid to work but to be at the margins.
  • “They are natural and fun, able to light the public blood for an hour and a half”
    ABC News appeared in the journal in 2002. We selected this news as a positive example in the treatment of this group in the media.
  • “Florin, 14 and father in April”
    After the first social shock, the children of Roma immigrants who came from Romania five years ago have adapted to life in Spanish cities. However, when they reach adolescence the integration process is broken by the premature arrival of parenthood.
  • “Gypsy musicians, beggars or thieves”
    Photograph appeared in Interviu magazine in 2010. Romanian Roma living in Spain fear the same fate in France. They prefer penury rather than return to Romania. Begging, slums, prostitution and petty crime, anything, even jail before returning to Romania, where reality can be much worse. In Europe nobody wants them.
  • “Madrid also plays between rats and manure”
    This report of the year 2010 shows a radiograph of the people living in the Gallinero as habitual offenders and that the only future that awaits the children is to commit crime.
  • “An opportunity for the Gallinero”
    This article appeared in the newspaper La Razon in 2012. The mayor of Madrid visited the shantytown The Gallinero, spoke with residents and met with officials of public entities and NGOs working there. From this meeting came a roadmap to try to improve the situation of the 89 families Romanian roma living there.
  • “More than 35 Romanian Gypsies arrested in Madrid”
    This report was issued in Intereconomía canal in 2013. It arrested 35 Romanian Roma in the shanty town of the Gallinero in an operation against the theft of copper wire. The theft of copper wire is a practice that has become fashionable in recent times.


  • “One of the most veteran programs of TVE (since October 1982)”
    It makes known the work that people and institutions as the Catholic Church perform in Cañada Real and Gallinero. This report aired in 2012.
  • “In this report, issued in 2009, the situation of the Cañada Real”
    The Cañada Real Galiana runs 14.4 km. along border areas to the capital. This settlement grew in the following decades, first by the arrival of spanish “seeking residence” and Roma, and in the nineties with foreign immigrants (mainly Moroccans and Romanians) and people from other shantytowns dismantled.
  • “Children at risk”
    This report aired on TV in 2013. According to this report 3 in 10 children from the village of the Gallinero is not going to school, some of them are lead to the center of Madrid to steal and other prostitutes on the street.
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