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The Peoples’ Development Foundation, FDP is a nongovernmental organization founded in 1996, whose mission is that of offering socio-educational and professional integration opportunities for persons in situations of social risk, especially children and young persons.FDP is present in four regions of Romania: Bucharest-Ilfov, Arad, Cluj and Dambovita.

From the outset, FDP was active in supporting the most vulnerable social groups: children abandoned and with risk of school drop-out, young people, Roma people, disabled persons, un-employed persons being centered on the personal intervention and investing mainly in education as a unique possibility to induce sustainable development.

Inside the BEAMS project FDP will implement activities of research and analysis of stereotypes regarding the roma minority in Romania in popular cultural products, will coordinate the overall implementation of the pilot activities in 4 Bucharest Schools, promoting the production of new cultural representations free of stereotypes, draft the consolidated project report regarding pilot activities in partners’ areas.

In November 2014, FDP will organize a local event in Bucharest to disseminate to the Romanian public the outputs of the project activities.

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Fundatia Dezvoltarea Popoaleor (RO)


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