Regione del Veneto


In conformity with Art.117 of the Italian Constitution and within the limits of the fundamental principles established by the State laws, Veneto Region has legislative and administrative competence in the different areas: general organization, social services, economic development regional planning Veneto is the third Italian region for consistency of immigration.

Veneto Region, as part of its task, promotes and develops initiatives aimed at overcoming the specific difficulties associated with immigrant status in order to facilitate the process of coexistence within the regional community.

The Migration Policy Unit of Veneto Region promotes initiatives aiming at overcoming the specific difficulties of immigrants, especially problems of integration in the regional community.

The office is responsible for programs and projects on immigration, on the basis of a regional  law (n.  9 / 1990) and it takes part  in coordination meetings among regions and central Government.

The activities of the office related mainly to some fields of intervention identified by regional policy documents, involving key public and private actors that deal with socio-occupational integration of migrants in the region.

Regione del Veneto (co-ordinator) – IT


Francesca Meneghello
Roberto Fabian





Fondamenta Santa Lucia, Cannareggio 23 – Venezia
Tel. +39 041 2794163
(carried out by
Veneto Lavoro)



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