Society Development Institute


  • Promote public policies and development cooperation, culture, education, creativity, libraries, information and reading literacy of citizens through the implementation of socio-cultural and educational activities
  • Mainstream inclusion of socially and cultural excluded ethnic and social groups, such as Roma, people with special needs or immigrants and refugees
  • Activities designed to improve migration and development policies
  • Support migrants and facilitate the possibility of obtaining basic information and knowledge about language, history and the fundamental social values
  • Implement of information seminars for migrants
  • Employ innovative means of training, public events, performance art
  • Create online partnership databases
  • Mainstream cooperation with Slovak embassies abroad and foreign diplomats
  • Cooperate with educational institutions
  • Support involvement of Immigrants and Diaspora in development cooperation
  • Implementation of information seminars for migrants and provide them with online advice and develop and manage information portal for immigrants with practical implications for their continued work and social integration,
  • Activities designed to facilitate the recognition of professional education by proposing legislative measures in the recognition of qualifications of migrants from non EU countries,
  • Implement innovative means of training and training of migrants through information and training modules, online advice and assistance through a special integration officer,
  • Streamline cooperation with Slovak embassies abroad and embassies in the countries of origin of migrants, and partly to their educational institutions,
  • Support Immigrants and Diaspora in development cooperation

 Final report

Society Development Institute (SK)


Galya Terzieva





Bzovícka 20, 87105 –  Bratislava
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