Roma vista dalle comunità straniere: superare lo stereotipo attraverso il dialogo e la partecipazione

On December 12th, Cittalia organizes in Rome – at the very core of its most multicultural neighbourhood located around Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II – an open meeting in the framework of BEAMS aimed at fostering direct participation of the foreigners’ communities so to better understand how stereotypes and discriminations are perceived by the “new citizens”.

The meeting will be an open forum of discussion on the themes of diversity, citizenship and integration and will provide a space for mutual learning and understanding between third-country nationals, social practitioners and policy makers. In particular, the perceptions and perspectives of second generation immigrants and migrant women facing the mainstreaming society and key national issues such as the acquisition of citizenship rights for foregin citizens who are born in Italy, will be addressed.

During the meeting, the cases collected by Cittalia during the first phase of the BEAMS project will be presented and distributed, providing the base for discussion. Moreover, some videos produced by ZaLab ( will be displayed, with the purpose of “launching” specific themes of discussion with the experts and with all the participants. Video-interviews will be made during the event, involving key note speakers and participants.

The event is organized by Cittalia in collaboration with UNAR and the associations Piuculture, Apollo 11 and ZaLab.

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