That’s (not) all folks!!!

BEAMS has officially ended at the end of December 2014. Scores of activities, meetings, creative and educational activities have been carried out in the 10 involved countries.

Officially, we said. Thorough our website and our social media, we plan to continue to share our results with all the people whom we worked with and those who have followed us in the past two years.

The BEAMS’ treasure trove of material, inspiration, videos, presentations, methods and analyses developed and tested are now available on

Our job is not done yet, on a daily basis we are publishing the latest additions, which you can see, download and use to make the project sustainable. Your contribution for the promotion, use and cross-fertilization is paramount. Check and use the results to develop your own stereotype-and-discrimination awareness-raising activities, to benchmark useful methods to tackle racism, to transfer the experience to other fields of anti-discrimination and diversity appraisal.

In each partner’s section you will find studies, description of activities, methods and final results, in English and sometimes in official language. You can  watch and use the many visual production to steer interest and critical thinking about stereotypes and discrimination. You can simply share the results with your colleagues and stakeholders to inspire new actions.

This is our legacy, the dedication and passionate work of 16 partners, for you to stop watching, start seeing and doing!

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need additional information or learn how you can use the published material.


Project brochure

RESEARCH BEAMS LIGHT ON STEREOTYPES AND DISCRIMINATION. Partners research discourse, stereotypes, representations, practice and discriminatory trends in European popular culture.

CHANGE: YES, WE “BEAMS”! Awareness raising actions with youth and communities have taken place around Europe to break down stereotypes and increase critical understanding of and fight on discrimination