Vienna international conference

On 27 and 28 February 2014, Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation in cooperation with the Karl-Renner-Institute hosted the international conference on stereotypes of ethnic minorities and migrants in popular culture.

The conference has taken place in the framework of the EU project “BEAMS – Breaking down European Attitudes towards Migrant/Minority Stereotypes” and promoted the results of the cross European BEAMS studies on stereotyping trends and models relating to ethnic groups and migrants in Europe.

The conference brought together researchers, filmmakers, production companies, artists, policy-makers and representatives from the creative sector to discuss some of the popular culture industries’ challenges in fighting racism and discrimination in our societies.

The aim of the event has been to better understand the link between popular culture stereotypes of migrant and minority groups and discriminatory attitudes of the consumers/citizens, which still prevent such groups from obtaining full rights of citizenship in many respects.

Clic here to see some images of the event and download the slides.


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